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Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving 1.00 / 1.001 Fall 2005 Problem Set 4 Due: 11AM, Friday October 14, 2005 TIVO 1 [100 points] Introduction In this problem set, we will continue to build our TIVO system. You may have noticed in the previous problem set that there is a good bit of overlap in all the TV program classes. It is redundant to have a “title” field, for example, in each of the different program classes, when that is clearly a field that they will all share. Now that you have learned about inheritance, you know that in cases like this, it makes sense to have a class that all the program classes extend. This also allows us to use the super class as a type (instead of “Object”) when we know we are dealing with a TV program, but we don’t know exactly which kind. You will extend the TIVO system further by adding a Recordings class. This will correspond to the “WishList” in real life TIVO. You will need a Recording class as well which will represent an object to be recorded. It is not enough to use a TV Program object because it does not contain information about time and channel. We give you a TIVO class which is the container for the TIVO system that we are building. Make sure to read this class before attempting the problem set. Assignment Create or modify the following: Movie , News , Series , Special Determine how to change each of these classes.
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problemset4 - Introduction to Computers and Engineering...

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