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Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving 1.00 / 1.001 Fall 2005 Problem Set 5 Due: 11AM, Friday October 21, 2005 TIVO 3 – GUI for Recordings [100 points] Introduction Most modern programs that interact with humans may be termed GUIs – graphical user interfaces – rather than text-based console applications. Problem sets 5 and 6 will build on problem set 4 by having you create a GUI to handle the selection of television programs to be recorded. Figure 1 below shows a suggestion for the look and feel of the visual interface. Figure 1: An example of the GUI for television program recording. Key features are highlighted and the classes used to create them are noted. To build the GUI properly, you should understand how it will work. The input fields ( JComboBox and JTextField ) are completed as necessary by the user. Pressing the 1.00/1.001 1/4 Fall 2004
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“Search” button ( JButton ) initiates a search of DailySchedule objects and displays the results ( TVPrograms ) in the “Programs” list ( JList ) within the “Search Results” panel ( JPanel ). The “Reset” button causes the textfield to become blank and changes each combo-box to return to its default value (“All types”/”All channels”). Once the “Search Results” list is populated, if the user selects an item in the list, detailed information on the selected program is displayed in the “Description” area ( JTextArea ). Clicking the “Add to Recordings List” button while a program is selected causes that program to be added to the “Programs Selected for Recording” list. Similarly, selecting an item in the “Programs Selected for Recording” list will cause the
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problemset5 - Introduction to Computers and Engineering...

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