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1.00/1.001 1/4 Fall 2005 Introduction to Computers and Engineering Problem Solving 1.00 / 1.001 Fall 2005 Problem Set 7 Due: 11AM, Friday November 4, 2005 Hurricane Power [100 points] Introduction Hurricanes and tropical storms are large scale, low pressure tropical weather disturbances which are accompanied by strong winds and heavy rains. These storms are one focus of current meteorological research which aims to model the hurricane, including the energy dissipated. In this problem set, you will calculate and display the power dissipated by a hurricane in a GUI like the one shown below. The equations below are part of an actual meteorological model and may be used to approximate a hurricane’s power dissipation Figure 1: Example of a GUI for modeling hurricane power
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1.00/1.001 2/4 Fall 2005 First, the model states that the velocity v at radius R is = o o o o R R R R v R R R R v v , , max 2 max Equation 1 where max v is the maximum wind speed of the storm in meters per second (ms -1 ) and o R is the radius at which max v occurs (“radius of maximum winds”) in meters. o R is typically twice the radius of the eye. The wind speed and radius of maximum winds must not be less than 62 kilometers per hour (kmph) and 20 kilometers (km), respectively. Then find the rate of energy dissipation per unit area or “power density” at a given radius. The power density D at a radius R is 3 v D AIR γρ = Equation 2 where v is calculated from Equation 1 using R , γ is the drag coefficient, AIR ρ is the density of air and 5 2 3 10 2 - - × = m s J AIR . Next, estimate
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problemset7 - Introduction to Computers and Engineering...

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