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probset_1 - same building using the Equivalent Lateral...

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1.051 Structural Engineering Design Prof. Oral Buyukozturk Fall 2003 1.051 Structural Engineering Design Problem Set 1 Assigned: Sept 15 2003 Due: Sept 29 2003 Q1) Compute, according to the International Building Code (IBC-2000) or ASCE-7, the wind pressure profile for the building shown in Figure 1. The building descriptions are as follow. Location of Building : Southern Hawaii Type : Hospital Soil Type : Stiff soil (195 ft) Structural System : Concrete moment frame Q2) Compute, according to the IBC, the base shear (due to an earthquake in the region) of the
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Unformatted text preview: same building using the Equivalent Lateral Force Procedure and distribute the forces that act on each story. Discuss the procedural and quantitative differences between UBC-91 and IBC. Please clearly state any assumptions you may make when applying the IBC 2000 procedures. W 4 = 60kips 15 ft W 3 = 120kips 15 ft W 2 = 120kips Figure 1 15 ft W 1 = 120kips 20 ft G/F Level 25 ft 18 ft 25 ft...
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