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1.051 Structural Engineering Design Prof O. Buyukozturk Fall 2003 1.051 Structural Engineering Design Problem Set 3 (Assigned: 10/15; Due: 10/22) Shear in beams 1. A simply supported beam has a clear span l n = 22 ft and is subjected to an external uniform service dead load w D = 1200 lb/ft (including own weight) and live load w L = 900 lb/ft . Determine the maximum factored vertical shear V u at the critical section. Given: b w = 12 in. d = 17 in. h = 20 in. A s = 6.0 in 2 f’ c = 4000 psi f y = 60,000 psi 22 ft Design the size and spacing of the shear reinforcement. (a) Using the approximate value of
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Unformatted text preview: V c given by Eq. 4.12b in the textbook (b) Using the more accurate value of given by Eq. 4.12a in the textbook Assume no torsion exists. 2. For the beam in question 1, assume that the following support configuration is adopted in order to decrease the shear and moment in the section, 14 ft Redesign the shear reinforcement using both approximate and accurate values of and discuss the effects of changing support configuration for both procedures. Assume A s ’=A s . Bond and Anchorage 3. Solve Problem 5.1 in the textbook....
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