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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 1.017 Computing and Data Analysis for Environmental Applications Quiz 3 Thursday, December 4, 2003 Please answer all questions on a separate piece(s) of paper with your name clearly identified: Problem 1 ( 30 points) Consider the following model of temporal fluctuations in air temperature: y ( t ) = a 1 + a 2 cos[ π t /12]cos[ π t /4380] + e Where y ( t ) is temperature in degrees C, t is the number of hours from midnight Dec 31, a 1 and a 2 are unknown regression coefficients, and e is assumed to be a zero mean normally random residual error with an unknown standard deviation σ e . The first cosine function accounts for daily (diurnal) fluctuations while the second cosine function accounts for seasonal fluctuations. Suppose that you have a file called temp.txt that consists of a column of daily temperature measurements taken over a 2 year period. Write a MATLAB program, using the internal MATLAB regress function, to perform a regression analysis for this problem. Make sure that your program does the following: a) Computes least-squares estimates of a 1 and a 2 from the data in temp.txt . b) Plots a regression curve on the same axes as the temperature measurements. c) Plots on the same axes as the regression curve and temperature measurements a pair of 95% confidence interval curves for the predicted temperature, over the 2 year measurement period. The MATLAB documentation for the regress function is attached at the end of this exam. Problem 2 ( 10 points) Consider the regression ANOVA table presented below. Indicate whether the regression is significant at the 95% confidence level. Compute the R 2 value. Source
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