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F RAMEWORKS A ND M ODELS I N E NGINEERING S YSTEMS E NGINEERING S YSTEMS D ESIGN (ESD.04J / 1.041J) SPRING 2007 P ROFESSOR J OSEPH M. S USSMAN 3-1-8, U (S PRING ) A SSIGNMENT 1: R ESUME /S TATEMENT OF I NTEREST /C OMPLEX S YSTEM I DENTIFICATION Date assigned: February 6, 2007 Date due: February 8, 2007 Value: ——————— This subject is different in some sense than many classes you have taken at MIT. Specifically, the content of the subject, and in particular the semester-long class-wide term project, will be guided in part by the intellectual capital and experiences that the students in the class bring to the table. To that end, we ask you to provide for the next class the following information: 1. Your resume. 2. Your statement of interests relative to this class. Here we suggest in a paragraph or two, certainly no more than half a page, to discuss what you hope to learn from this class and how it relates to your longer-term professional interests. We recognize you have only seen the syllabus and heard one lecture, but nonetheless
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