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F RAMEWORKS A ND M ODELS I N E NGINEERING S YSTEMS E NGINEERING S YSTEMS D ESIGN (ESD.04J / 1.041J) SPRING 2007 P ROFESSOR J OSEPH M. S USSMAN 3-1-8, U (S PRING ) A SSIGNMENT A2: Date assigned: February 8, 2007 Date due: February 15, 2007 Value: 5 points In class we have introduced the idea of systems and related concepts. For this assignment, we ask you to describe a particular system and to use that system as a way of further developing your systems thinking skills. The system you select should be “large”, have important technical content, and should relate to an important societal issue. We characterize those systems as socio-technical and the issues as Critical Contemporary Issues (CCI). Issues relating to the behavior of such systems are reported in the media every day. For this assignment we ask you to get a current article from some news source concerned with the system of interest to you. Then, we ask you to describe this system, explaining what issues relating to your system make it newsworthy, and any complexity or
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