assn3 - 1.050: Stresses and Equilibrium (HW #3) Due:...

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1.050: Stresses and Equilibrium (HW #3) Due: September 26, 2007 MIT – 1.050 (Engineering Mechanics I) Fall 2007 Instructor: Markus J. BUEHLER Team Building and Team Work: We strongly encourage you to form Homework teams of three students. Each team only submits one solution for correction. We expect true team work, i.e. one where everybody contributes equally to the result. This is testified by the team members signing at the end of the team copy a written declaration that "the undersigned have equally contributed to the homework". Ideally, each student will work first individually through the homework set. The team then meets and discusses questions, difficulties and solutions, and eventually, meets with TA or instructor. Important: Specify all resources you use for your solution. The following set of exercises is designed to train you in the use of equilibrium conditions for discrete systems. For each exercise, show us how you come to your answer and result. We highly encourage you to make drawings (for instance of free body diagrams) where appropriate. Don’t forget to add the coordinate system. 1. Stress tensor and REV.:
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assn3 - 1.050: Stresses and Equilibrium (HW #3) Due:...

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