MIT1_018JF09_guide_1 - inclusive but highlights some of the...

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QUIZ I - STUDY GUIDE 2009 The quiz will cover everything through Lecture 7 (Biogeochemical cycles ) including redox, primary productivity, and the thermodynamics of life. The questions will be primarily short answer, which can be responded to with a few sentences, a sketch with a description, or a brief calculation. We could also ask you to interpret a graph/data or give you a discussion question. Use Problem Set 1, the Study Questions, the Lecture Notes, and the Lecture Handouts as a top priority for studying. Make sure you are familiar with the articles that have been assigned. You are responsible for the following readings: TEXTBOOK (Smith and Smith) Lecture 1: Chapter 1 Lecture 3: pg. 43, pg. 84-88, pg. 673-674 Lectures 5 and 6: pg. 42-50, pg. 91-92, pg. 478-490, pg. 632-640, pg. 512-514, pg. 666-667 Lecture 7: pg. 514-523, pg. 525-527 HANDOUTS and ARTICLES : These all contain important material. This list is not all-
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Unformatted text preview: inclusive but highlights some of the most important readings. The Biosphere, Vernadskii 1926 Ecology: The Basic Concept, Remmert 1980 When Did Photosynthesis Emerge on Earth, Des Marais 2000 Rethinking Earths Early Atmosphere, Chyba 2005 Redox Handout Photosynthesis Handout Life at the Sea Floor, Jannasch 1995 Microbiology and Application of the Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation Process, Jetten 2001 Eating the Sun, Morton 2007 What limits Phytoplankton Growth, Chisholm 1992 The Ocean's Invisible Forest, Falkowski 2002 Transformation of the Nitrogen Cycle, Galloway 2008 Global Hydrological Cycles and World Water Resources, Oki 2006 MIT OpenCourseWare 1.018J / 7.30J Ecology I: The Earth Fall 200 9 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: ....
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MIT1_018JF09_guide_1 - inclusive but highlights some of the...

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