MIT1_018JF09_guide_1 - inclusive but highlights some of the...

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QUIZ I - STUDY GUIDE 2009 The quiz will cover everything through Lecture 7 (Biogeochemical cycles ) including redox, primary productivity, and the thermodynamics of life. The questions will be primarily short answer, which can be responded to with a few sentences, a sketch with a description, or a brief calculation. We could also ask you to interpret a graph/data or give you a discussion question. Use Problem Set 1, the Study Questions, the Lecture Notes, and the Lecture Handouts as a top priority for studying. Make sure you are familiar with the articles that have been assigned. You are responsible for the following readings: TEXTBOOK (Smith and Smith) Lecture 1: Chapter 1 Lecture 3: pg. 43, pg. 84-88, pg. 673-674 Lectures 5 and 6: pg. 42-50, pg. 91-92, pg. 478-490, pg. 632-640, pg. 512-514, pg. 666-667 Lecture 7: pg. 514-523, pg. 525-527 HANDOUTS and ARTICLES : These all contain important material. This list is not all-
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Unformatted text preview: inclusive but highlights some of the most important readings. • The Biosphere, Vernadskii 1926 • Ecology: The Basic Concept, Remmert 1980 • When Did Photosynthesis Emerge on Earth, Des Marais 2000 • Rethinking Earth’s Early Atmosphere, Chyba 2005 • Redox Handout • Photosynthesis Handout • Life at the Sea Floor, Jannasch 1995 • Microbiology and Application of the Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation Process, Jetten 2001 • Eating the Sun, Morton 2007 • What limits Phytoplankton Growth, Chisholm 1992 • The Ocean's Invisible Forest, Falkowski 2002 • Transformation of the Nitrogen Cycle, Galloway 2008 • Global Hydrological Cycles and World Water Resources, Oki 2006 MIT OpenCourseWare 1.018J / 7.30J Ecology I: The Earth Fall 200 9 For information about citing these materials or our Terms of Use, visit: ....
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MIT1_018JF09_guide_1 - inclusive but highlights some of the...

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