MIT1_018JF09_study_3 - 1. True or False: _____ Carbon...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. True or False: _____ Carbon isotope and molecular fossil data together suggest photosynthesis may have been active 3.4 billion years ago. _____ Symbiosis is an interaction with a net positive benefit to both species involved. _____ Trees conduct aerobic respiration during daylight. _____ Assimilation efficiencies are generally higher for herbivores than carnivores. _____ Until the Anthropocene (last 200 years), atmospheric CO 2 levels were constant and low (200 ppm) throughout Earths entire history. 2. Short Answer: Please answer each of the following in no more than one sentence. A phrase or a few words are acceptable. a) Why are we concerned about the future of the phosphorus cycle? b) What do stromatolites tell us about the origins of life on Earth? c) What data from Lake Vostok ice cores inform our understanding of climate change? d) The Spring Bloom is an annual phenomenon in the lakes and coastal oceans of New England. Explain what characteristics of spring conditions foster these blooms. 3. Please give an example of a chemical transformation (e.g. write the reaction, with all reactants and products) associated with each of the following biological processes. Identify the oxidizing agent and the reducing agent. a) Anaerobic respiration. Give another (more specific) name for the process youve shown....
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MIT1_018JF09_study_3 - 1. True or False: _____ Carbon...

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