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1.054/1.541 Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures Spring 2004 Prof. Oral Buyukozturk 1 / 1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1.054/1.541 Mechanics and Design of Concrete Structures (3-0-9) Outline 14 Earthquake Risk Assessment and Hazard Mitigation Seismic risk assessment and hazard mitigation for urban infrastructures located in seismic regions is a challenge faced by many countries around the world, especially those with infrastructures known for their variability in seismic resistance and quality of construction. Two recent major earthquakes that hit the densely populated urban areas in Northwest Turkey resulted in a large-scale destruction and loss of life. Scientific studies indicate a high probability of occurrence of another severe earthquake along the North Anatolian Fault in this region is quite high in the next thirty years. This
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