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F RAMEWORKS A ND M ODELS I N E NGINEERING S YSTEMS E NGINEERING S YSTEMS D ESIGN (ESD.04J / 1.041J) SPRING 2007 P ROFESSOR J OSEPH M. S USSMAN 3-1-8, U (S PRING ) PROJECT A SSIGNMENT #1 (P1) 12 P OINTS D ISTRIBUTED T HURSDAY , F EBRUARY 22, 2007 D UE M ONDAY , M ARCH 5, 2007 Initial Representation of the SNF System Grouping For this assignment we will form groups of at least 4 students. The groups are relatively arbitrary although we have made an attempt at intellectual diversity. See the appendix for the team assignments. Assignment Background The CEO of your consulting firm is considering participating in a bid for a project that is related to Spent Nuclear Fuel management policy. The problem details have not been clarified yet a so she wants her team (you!!) to be prepared with a system-wide understanding of the issues involved. The firm is known for its innovative recommendations that are associated with out-of- the-box thinking combined with a well-founded understanding of the issues at hand. In an effort to enhance their performance and systematize their work the CEO has decided to “test-drive” the CLIOS Process for this project. She has read the CLIOS Process user’s guide that you will have but has no other prior experience with it. Assignment Statement Given the unknown nature of the actual contract your team should have an initial meeting or two to get organized. Each team will have a VP in the consulting firm (aka a member
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