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F RAMEWORKS A ND M ODELS I N E NGINEERING S YSTEMS E NGINEERING S YSTEMS D ESIGN (ESD.04J / 1.041J) SPRING 2007 P ROFESSOR J OSEPH M. S USSMAN 3-1-8, U (S PRING ) PROJECT A SSIGNMENT #2 (P2) 15 P OINTS D ISTRIBUTED M ARCH 15, 2007 D UE A PRIL 10, 2007 Designing Strategic Alternatives The Department of Energy (DoE) sees a big opportunity for making a contribution in the area of global climate change (GCC). It knows global climate change is linked to carbon-based energy production and so it wants to study what possibilities exist to reduce the use of such energy sources in the US. There are a number of possibilities and DoE wants some help in thinking through and sorting out the strategic alternatives for improving the GCC posture of the US. This is a step along the way to the overall design of a complex engineering system They engage a (high-priced) consulting firm ( you ) to help them think through the issues. Your firm’s P1 was submitted to DoE to show the quality of your thinking in the energy field, and they have engaged you (as well as a competing firm— them ) to take the next steps in this study. At some point in the future, DoE will select one of the firms to complete the study, but for now, it’s a competition as DoE wants to get a number of ideas on the table. We should note there has been a shakeout in the consulting world for firms that specialize in the energy industry. The old firms, unimaginatively named Team A, Team B and Team C, have consolidated into two firms (who should each come up with a better name—branding is everything). As it happens, each firm has at least one member from the original three firms so each firm can draw on all the P1 thinking easily. Each firm has a mentor; the teams and their mentors are shown in the appendix. DoE, having studied the three P1s submitted by the original three firms, understands 1) that nuclear power is a potentially valuable source of power from non-carbon based sources 2) so nuclear power can be a way to address GCC 3) that the role nuclear power can play is linked closely to how the SNF is managed (and we know that “managed” has many interpretations) and this may limit how effective the nuclear
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