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Unformatted text preview: 1 F RAMEWORKS A ND M ODELS I N E NGINEERING S YSTEMS E NGINEERING S YSTEMS D ESIGN (ESD.04 / 1.041) SPRING 2007 P ROFESSOR J OSEPH M. S USSMAN 3-0-9, U (S PRING ) PROJECT A SSIGNMENT #3 (P3) D ISTRIBUTED A PRIL 10, 2007 F INAL R EPORT DUE M AY 17, 2007 WITH SEVERAL INTERIM MILESTONES AND DELIVERABLES Designing the Final Robust Bundle for SNF/GCC System Summary of important dates: Tuesday, April 10 P2 due, P3 distributed and discussed Wednesday, April 18 Email submission of draft strategic alternatives to your mentor Thursday, April 19 Individual team meetings during class with mentor to select strategic alternatives Tuesday, April 24 Individual (sequential) team meetings with DoE secretary to choose strategic alternatives for evaluation Qualifying problem due Tuesday, May 1 Final report outline due for discussion next class with DoE secreatary Thursday, May 3 Individual (sequential) team meetings with DoE secretary to review progress and for approval of final report outline Cite as: Joseph Sussman, course materials for ESD.04J Frameworks and Models in Engineering Systems, Spring 2007. MIT OpenCourseWare (, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Downloaded on [DD Month YYYY]. 2 Thursday, May 10 “No fault” oral presentation rehearsal (back up date, Sunday, May 13) Tuesday, May 15 Oral presentation Thursday, May 17 Written full P3 report due Introduction The Department of Energy (DoE) has received your “P2” report. It likes the imagination you displayed in your initial strategic alternatives. Now, DoE wants you to choose among them (perhaps including them all and perhaps even adding some others you didn’t think of in P2) to form a robust bundle of strategic alternatives. In addition, there are several strategic alternatives that the DoE secretary insists that you consider whether or not you had them in your P2, about which more detail is provided below So, now we enter Step 9, Evaluate Strategic Alternatives and Select Robust Bundles, which involves a more detailed evaluation and selection of the strategic alternatives. This will allow the DoE to make a final decision on how to proceed with the question of the management of spent nuclear fuel and related global climate change (GCC) issues. What DoE will ultimately want to do is choose the stronger of the two bundles proposed by you and your competitor, considering how good your strategic alternatives are and how they fit together to form a robust bundle. We want to stress that for the entirety of this assignment, we ask you to work in groups. The CLIOS Process, as well as consulting work in general, produces much better results when the team works as a team, rather than seven individuals. There is a lot of work to do on P3, but you have seven people to do it. A key learning from this exercise will be getting yourselves organized to do the work. As with CLIOS Systems, there is “no right answer” to how you organize yourself; many schemes would work. But you do need to “design” the organize yourself; many schemes would work....
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