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summary16 - R ε= 1 Δ R GF R Lectures 20 Lectures 1-15...

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Lecture 16 - summary Topic: How to measure and describe deformation Goal is to develop a mathematical language to describe deformation Definition of strain: Measurement of strain: Electrical, optical, mechanical, acoustical… Strain gages: Measure deformation based on changes of electrical resistance
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Unformatted text preview: R ε= 1 Δ R GF R Lectures 20-. . Lectures 1-15 Stresses Deformation Thermodynamics Lectures 16-19 Geometrical analysis Momentum conservation Energy balance r x Deformed position r X r ξ r dx Initial position Displacement r ∂ x r r r F = 1 + Grad dX F ⋅ dX = ⋅ = r ∂ X...
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