summary18 - Strain Mohr circles E r ( n r ) = n r (strain...

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Lecture 18 - summary Topic: Linear deformation theory Key assumption: Small deformation 1 r r T Small strain tensor ε= ( grad ξ+ ( grad ξ ) ) 2 1 r r 1 r r Distortion 2 θ ( e α , e β ) = θ αβ = ε 2 m r , n r = m ⋅ε ⋅ n (general) Dilatation λ ( e r ) = αα n r = n r ⋅ε ⋅ n r (general) Volume change Surface change
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Unformatted text preview: Strain Mohr circles E r ( n r ) = n r (strain vector) Concept : Decompose deformation into dilatation and distortion (3 Mohr circles for general ) II The Mohr circle...
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