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Subject: Marketing Budget created by Rixynes Rodriguez Marketing Source Specific Goal: to promote the CPhone Tactics: Our medium of advertising the CPhone Advantages: Disadvantages: Budget: Money needed for each promotion Direct Mail To inform our specific target market by mail and email Press Release, Sales Letter, Flyers 1) Reaches our specific target market 2) Opt-in email can lower costs 1) Cost per contact can be high, using too much paper resources 2) People might see emails as spam Press Release: $249 (up to 400 words, and you must select one channel to reach), Total: $1000 to distribute to 4 different channels Sales Letter: 3000 pages (black and white) printed for $120 here at CMU. Flyers: 10,000 colored flyers for $410 from printing company Newspaper To inform Isabella County residents, and our Target Market Small Ad put on CMLife, and Detroit Free Press 1) Time for Ad to appear on the paper is quick 2) Consumers refer to the newspaper for ads around the area 1) The ad has a short life
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