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Midterm Study sheet - Business Technology: Any tools-...

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Business Technology: Any tools- especially computers, telecommunications, and other digital products, that businesses can use to become more efficient and effective. ____________________ Balance of Payments: A measure of the total flow of money into or out of a country. ___________________ Balance of Trade: A basic measure of the difference in value between a nations exports and imports including both goods and services. ________________ Tolerance of Failure: Being able to handle defeat, lack of success. _______________. Foreign Outsourcing: Contracting with foreign suppliers to produce products usually at a fraction of the cost of domestic production. _______________ Demand: The quantity of products that consumers are willing to buy at different market prices._______________ Corporate Philanthropy: All business donation to non profit groups, including money, product and employee time. _______________ Business: Any Activity that provides goods and services in an effort to earn a profit. __________ Financial leverage: The Use of debt in a firms capital structure. _______________ Economy: A financial and social system of how resources flow through society, from production, to distribution, to consumption. _______________ Factors of Production: Businesses need natural resources, capital, human resources, entrepreneurship to achieve
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Midterm Study sheet - Business Technology: Any tools-...

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