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Data Commentary Journals - Tuesday February 22 Currently I...

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Tuesday February 22 Currently I am enrolled in 4 classes. I am taking English 201, Statistics 282, Business 100, and Business and Information Systems 101I. I want to get an A in business 100 and in BIS 101I so that I can get admitted to the business program. I also need to get a B in stats because it is also a business requirement. In English I know that I need a C or better for general education requirements. The hardest class for me is English considering that it is my second language. I have always struggled with grammar and rules so I get easily frustrated when I have an English paper to write because I feel like I don’t know any of the rules, although I do actually know more than I think I do. This journal will hopefully help me find a way to better organize my time and my studying habits. The next hardest class is BIS 101I because it is a lot of reading, remembering, and then applying what I have read to the projects that are assigned. Stats aren’t really that hard for me because I have always liked math so I actually enjoy studying and doing my stats homework. Business 100 would be the easiest class for me because the professor doesn’t really assign much homework and we haven’t had any quizzes, tests, or exams to this day. I talked to my roommate last night and informed her of this assignment because I didn’t want her to feel like I was ignoring her or not wanting to hang out with her. That was really hard for me to do because I usually find myself finding something else to do instead of working on my school assignments, which is a horrible habit that I have been trying to break for the past couple of years. I woke up today around 8 because I knew that I had some studying to do. I ate breakfast and waited until my roommate left for her class so that I could have time to sit and study. I brought a cup of water into my room and closed the door so that I wouldn’t have an excuse to get up and do something else. I had some soft music playing in the background so that other noises didn’t disrupt me. I get easily distracted which is why I locked myself in my room. I started at 9 and just set my phone alarm to 10:30 so that I assured myself that I wouldn’t be late for my stats class. I spent the entire hour an a half reading chapter 3 of my international global communications book and then wrote a page summary of the key points that I learned and could remember. My professor collects the summary, which has to be from half a page to one full page. I wrote the whole page because since I was actually concentrated, I figured I might as well do it. I felt really accomplished because it didn’t take me that long to write a single-spaced page about what I had just read. After my 3 classes today, I went back to my apartment and ate something quick. I knew
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Data Commentary Journals - Tuesday February 22 Currently I...

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