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Rixynes Rodriguez (2)

Rixynes Rodriguez (2) - Rixynes Rodriguez Professor Megan...

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Rixynes Rodriguez Professor Megan Kowalski English 201 24 January 2010 Grades Vs. Study Skills Should students focus on setting goals and working to accomplish those goals? Or should they instead focus on the study skills and apply them to the rest of their lives? That is the basic point in the essay written by John Andrew Williams titled “How do I encourage my son to bring up his GPA?”. The article is very persuasive and straight to the point. The author uses pathos, ethos, and logos to persuade parents to think the way that he does, however, I am not a parent and I was convinced to think the way that the author does. The essay focuses on trying to prove to parents that goals are good in theory, but not the best idea in terms of getting good grades in reality. Students fear the goal-approaching conversation in school and at work because kids start to connect emotions to their grades, therefore once grades affect emotions it becomes very difficult to change and the stakes are set high between the conversations among parents and children. The author uses three main problems in the goal setting approach to life. The first point addressed was that having too many goals means that no goals get accomplished in the end. The second problem he uses is that goals focus on the final outcome and not on the process that it took to finish the goals. The final problem is that goals carry a judgement and the outcome can be either good or bad. He then takes the time to analyze these three problems and offers solutions to the problems. As he is going through each problem he uses the rhetorical appeal to persuade his audience which are parents. To me parents are a realistic audience but not the best audience to pick for this situation. As a young adult, I have the
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best judgement call on this topic because I am in between being a child and a parent. That means that I can look at the goal setting approach from a non involved party. I am not a parent therefore I don’t have to follow his advice on how to teach my kids, but I am also not a child meaning I don’t have to follow anyones rules. Although the intended audience is parents, the best audience are young adults, college students who are starting to live their lives on their own. The first problem that the author addresses is that having too many goals at a time means that most of those goals will not get accomplished. His solution is to try to focus on a specific outcome at a time. As a student I can definitely relate to his example about students getting asked to write a list of their goals, for some reason we think that the more goals we have the better.
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Rixynes Rodriguez (2) - Rixynes Rodriguez Professor Megan...

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