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Rixynes Rodriguez APA - Hugo Chavez 1 Rixynes Rodriguez...

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Hugo Chavez 1 Rixynes Rodriguez Professor Kowalski English 201 8 April 2011 An Annotated Bibliography Corrales, J. (2006). Hugo boss. Foreign Policy, 32-40. Retrieved from http://0- vnweb.hwwilsonweb.com.catalog.lib.cmich.edu/ Chavez has complete control of state organizations, in 1999 he made a new constitution with the help of senate, but one of the biggest changes was that instead of having two chambers checking over his power, there would only be one. Modern day authoritarian, the biggest concentration of the article, is defined as; attacking political parties, polarizing society, spreading wealth selectively, allowing government to almost fall apart, and antagonizing the opposition groups. He is also making laws about being able to control what can and cannot be shown through the media. Instead of facing different issues straight on, he chooses to find different solutions to the problems by offering a solution that appears better to him and the country. Chavez has learned from different techniques used around the world and has created a model of the modern day authoritarian figure. Corrales points to Chavez as being authoritarian. However, most believe that he is more socialist than authoritarian, Jones, Thomson, Palmer, and Wilpert. Corrales has said that he attacks political parties and Post shows he blames many of Venezuela’s problems on the U.S. Corrales mentions that he has been trying to control what can be shown in the
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Hugo Chavez 2 media. This is demonstrated in De La Fuentes because he cut shows from the air simply because he didn’t approve of them. In Gott Chavez is attempting to control what is shown on the news so Venezuela doesn’t look bad. Corrales also mentions Chavez’s increasing control over almost every other aspect of society as well. Since the government funds the social programs he implements he is in charge of setting rules and regulations even on those. Gold reserve shows that he thinks he has the power to ignore treaty rules with other nations. De La Fuente, A. M. (2011, January 31). Chavez dogs Venezuela nets. Variety, 421 (11), 16. Retrieved from http://0-vnweb.hwwilsonweb.com.catalog.lib.cmich.edu/ There are growing amounts of protests against Hugo Chavez resulting in him controlling Venezuelan Media. He took the show “12 Corazones”, 12 hearts, off the air because he felt that it showed too much skin and raunchy behavior. The other show is “Chepe Fortuna”, fishing for dreams, because a woman from Venezuela had a little dog named little Hugo. He has also removed other programs for reasons such as; unfit for viewing by minors, inappropriate for children, portrayal of drug-gang violence. Hugo has also attacked the owners and presidents of the networks such as Televen (German Perez was forced out of Venezuela), Televisa, Globovision’s owner Guillermo Zuloaga and business partner Guillermo Junior are seeking asylum in the U.S because Chavez wanted them arrested for slander. Chavez is doing everything possible to control what the Venezuelan people are able to watch.
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Rixynes Rodriguez APA - Hugo Chavez 1 Rixynes Rodriguez...

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