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Rodriguez 1 Rixynes Rodriguez Megan Kowalski English 201 23 March 2011 Motivation in Academics Introduction: The most accepted amount of study time recommended for college students is three hours a day. For six days straight, starting Tuesday February 22 until Sunday February 27, I studied for the recommended three hours to see how it affected my performance in class. For this exercise I found a quiet place to study, at my desk in my bedroom. I worked on homework and/or studied for the specified amount of time. I recorded what I did during this time, including any: breaks taken, different subjects worked on, and any difficulties that arose. My hypothesis was that studying would help increase my performance in class and give me a general feeling of accomplishment from completing my work in a timely fashion. This semester I am taking the following courses (ranked from easiest to hardest): BUS 100, BIS 101I, STA 282, and ENG 201. BUS 100 is easiest for me because there are no assignments, I expect to receive an A. BIS 101I is slightly more difficult, but I still expect to get an A for the class. STA 282 is my second hardest class because the entire class builds on itself meaning if I do not understand one part of the chapter then it is hard to understand the rest, which is why I would expect to earn a B. Since English is my second language, ENG 201 is my hardest class this semester. I am not as familiar with grammar rules as I should be, for this reason I would expect to receive a B-/C+. Academic success is impacted by time management. Time management impacts both the amount of time spent studying for a class and the amount of stress
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Rodriguez 2 that is experienced because of class. Motivation plays an important role in academics impacting the amount of time a student spends studying on a daily basis. The two leading factors of achieving good grades are time management and motivation. Methodology: My main reason for choosing this topic was that giving up Facebook would be too hard. However, my other considerations included: catching up on homework, focusing on a single task, using my time wisely. As stated by Gail Hudson and Sarath Nonis, “When considering the relationship between study time and performance, it is not only how much time a student spends studying but also how effectively this time is spent that influences academic performance” (“Performance” 229). Sufficient time spent on study sessions with adequate time management will allow me to produce an increase in academic performance. Effectiveness in allocation of time within a study session, devoted to each task, will produce an even farther increase in academic performance. The collected data was from my study habits for three hours a day for six days, I kept
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Rixynes Rodriguez - Rodriguez 1 Rixynes Rodriguez Megan...

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