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Scary Story Narrative

Scary Story Narrative - hungry We walked to Jimmy Johns and...

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Scary Story Narrative Rachael and I have been friends for 4 years. We are the friends that love to do crazy things together all the time. Our hang out sessions make for the most interesting stories. We get ourselves in situations that no one wants to be in. For example, the first time we got into a hassle was back in high school after a party we had attended. A few of my friends, and I had been drinking and got really hungry. We decided to go to my chosen drunk restaurant Burger King. It was 3 in the morning and on the ride there, rachael forgot to stop at a red light and just turned right. A few seconds later we heard sirens, and saw flashing lights behind us. We all panicked because we were all under age and under the influence. Lucky for us Rachael hadnt been drinking that night and the state cop just gave her a warning. The whole time I thought that was the end of me and that my sisters would ground me forever. Another story was when Rachael and I were in Ann Arbor drinking once again and we got
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Unformatted text preview: hungry. We walked to Jimmy Johns and found ourselves picking up two strangers. They were wasted and kept us entertained. We didn’t do the usual exchange of numbers, instead we just told them we had to go. The asian guy was hilarious until he asked Rachael to marry him. I about died laughing and felt lucky that he picked her and not me. She finally just said yes to get him off her back and then we left. As we were walking down the street, we hear the asian guy screaming our names. We look and he is right behind us following us. We kept walking and finally decided that this wasn’t a walking situation. We held hands and started sprinting away from this creep. Finally we lost him and just started laughing it off. As you can see we are a dynamic duo. If you put us together it is a guaranteed dangerous, exciting, and reckless combination....
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