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Workbook part 1 - Rixynes Rodriguez TAI 170: tth 2-3:15...

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Rixynes Rodriguez TAI 170: tth 2-3:15 Workbook part 1 1) I have had so many experiences that have shaped my life up to this point. Whether it is good or bad I still learn and that is what makes me so unique in the world. One specific example that made me realize more about myself was when I was in high school. I was president of Junior achievement and I lead 15 students. This was not an easy task but I loved managing and leading people. For our event called White Out we had a late start and everything needed to be perfect. I got very stressed very quickly because people were wandering around and not doing what they were supposed to be doing. At that point, I decided that no matter how long it took I would get these students to get their work done. I gathered everyone and had a meeting even though I knew we did not have the time for that. I didn’t care though because I needed to tell everyone that they needed to get their act together. I gave a very specific task to everyone and told them when they were done with that specific job to come find me or the teacher so we could give you another job. This made me realize that I am a very good leader. I consider all of the possible choices and pick the one that I think is best. I also figured out that I am very passive in those situations because although I was very upset I didn’t not want the whole class mad at me. I can stay very calm in those situations, which assures that the classmates do think I am credible and not just bossing them around. The event ended very well and that day showed me so much about myself. 2) On the Death of Friends in Childhood is about not trying to find people in heaven or hell but instead keeping it simple and remembering them here on earth. They are in the shadows and those memories will last forever. How Do I Love Thee is about someone trying to list different cute ways to love someone that you care about. Pied Beauty talks about how things can be beautiful in different ways and depending how the person views something it can still be beautiful. 3) The poem Woodchucks is being told by the author. He uses the words we, our, and I throughout the poem here are a few lines “the case we had against”, “than we for our”, and “I said, righteously thrilling”. Those show that he is the speaker of the poem because those words signify that. The audience is people that lived during that time and understood things about history and Nazis. It shows different instances where Nazis are referred to and where different events happened. The speaker of Groundhog is the writer too because words like I and me are used. Here are some lines that show that “Isawa groundhog”, “my senses shook” among others. This poem is written for people who enjoy hearing stories and people who can relate to the story that the author is telling. These two poems are both writing to entertain people but they are targeting a different
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Workbook part 1 - Rixynes Rodriguez TAI 170: tth 2-3:15...

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