Workbook part 2

Workbook part 2 - whole and not talking about one person...

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Rixynes Rodriguez Workbook part 2 TAI 170 tth: 2-3:15 16) I think the tone of this story is sad because he has just gone through a tragedy in his life. He doesn’t feel how he used to feel and that changes his life completely. I think the author does a good job at making the audience feel bad for his misery. The intended mood the story tries to set up is dark and serious which can be seen by different words he uses throughout the story. He uses sentences like “…strangers to my affection.”, “…I’d been given the privilege of fraudulently occupying the bed of another man”, and “…I felt the impulse to confess I was another person…”. He uses serious and unusual words to describe what he went through and his emotion throughout the story. He is formal when stating things which is why it is a more serious piece about him 17) The we is referred to humans. People that were here a long time ago when evolution was taking place. It is history of how we came to be. He states things that we did as a
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Unformatted text preview: whole and not talking about one person. You refers to his significant other. I see this because he uses different words to describe her and their relationship. I is referring to him and all of the things he did throughout that time. This story was very interesting and I liked how he used these 3 words in different and creative ways. 18) The significant event is that this girl changed. She used to do some things, and act a certain way and it changed. He implies that by saying that she was like that meaning she isn’t anymore. The biggest clue is that he uses were so it refers to the past and that things are different now. It is significant because he changed his view on her and everything changed. The impact of the event is that it is foreshadowing what is to come. Also it is short and keeps us intrigued to know what happens to her and why he feels that way. 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) 25) 26) 27) 28) 29) 30)...
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Workbook part 2 - whole and not talking about one person...

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