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Rixynes Rodriguez Extra Credit Exam 2 1) Which of the following is not a way that crystalline forms? a) precipitation from hot water b) sediments left over c) metamorphism d) crystallization of magma e) all are possible ways B is the correct answer and the question is from learning objective 2 u\\nder earth materials. 2) Which one is not a defining feature of a mineral? a) Organic b) solid c) inorganic d) specific chemical composition e) ordered internal crystalline structure The answer is A and the learning objective is number 1 under minerals. 3) Which statement is true? a) most sedimentary rocks are considered clastic
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Unformatted text preview: b) most sedimentary rocks are considered crystalline c) few sedimentary rocks are considered clastic d) most igneous rocks are considered clastic e) None of these are true The answer is a and it is from learning objective 1 under earth materials. 4) Plutonic Igneous rocks have the following characteristics? a) forms when magma solidifies b) has a small temperature change c) Large visible change d) can be called intrusive igneous rocks e) all of the above The answer is E and the learning objective is number 4 under igneous rocks....
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