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Exam Review 2 - Management 258 Exam Review 1) Major...

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Management 258 Exam Review 1) Major performance appraisal guideline, 4 interviewing techniques advantages, disadvantages. Performance Appraisal: a process, typically performed annually by a supervisor for a subordinate, designed to help employees understand their roles, objectives, expectations, and performance success. There are two types administrative and developmental. Under administrative programs there is compensation, job evaluation, EEO/AA support. Under developmental programs there is individual evaluation, training, and career planning. The Nondirective Interview: the interviewer carefully refrains from influencing the applicant’s remarks. The applicant is allowed the maximum of freedom in determining the course of discussion. There are open ended questions, giving the applicant a chance to talk freely. Adv. More freedom. Dis. No control of conversation, and not as reliable and valid. 2)The Structured Interview: has a set of standardized questions and an established set of answers against which applicants responses can be rated and it provides a more consistent basis for evaluation job candidates. Adv. More likely to provide the type of information needed for making sound decisions. Less likely to be attacked in at court. Dis. Not giving the applicant a chance to lead the conversation, restrictions on the types of answers. 3)The Situational Interview: a variation of the structured interview which gives a hypothetical situation and asks how he or she would respond to it. Then the response is evaluated relative to benchmark standards. Adv. Easy to pick people because there are right and wrong answers. Dis. There are benchmarks therefore very rigid when selecting people. 4)The behavioral Description Interview: focuses on actual work incidents in the interviewee’s past. Asks the job applicant what he or she actually did in a given situation. Adv. Gives actual experience, and more open ended answers. Dis. Might not give the best examples that relate to the job, might be pointless when deciding. 2) Training, needs assessment, principles of learning
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Exam Review 2 - Management 258 Exam Review 1) Major...

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