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Rixynes Rodriguez Pitch Competition Email: [email protected] I have always had the vision of becoming an entrepreneur and giving people the chance of experiencing something unreal. I want them to see and do different activities that they would have never done before. My business will provide customers with complete satisfaction throughout their whole visit. They will not have a dull moment while staying at my resort. Not only will they have the time of their lives, they will also have an eye opening realization. Lucky 13 will be entertaining, and informative in that there will be a lot of cultural differences taking place. This will be a one in a lifetime experience. My hotel will be known for having the best employees who are dedicated in making customers feel appreciated and important during their stay. We will have a loyal base of customers that will want to stay with us in a luxurious room anytime they are in the area. It offers a great adventure for all of the customers. This would be a service company to start off but could eventually turn into selling
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