POL 3 PERSPECTIVES - REALIST The realist perspective...

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REALIST The realist perspective contends that people and states worry most about their survival and seek sufficient material power and wealth to protect themselves against would-be adversaries. do not recognize a single centralized authority or center of legitimate power in the world. . The world from the realist perspective works through a contest and balancing of military and economic power to protect national security (or survival). From this perspective, the attacks of September 11, 2001 revealed "a war in which the weak turned the guns of the strong against them . ..showing . .. that in the end there is no such thing as a universal civilization of which we all too easily assume we are the rightful leaders." S Notice how the realist perspective interprets this event as a contest between the weak and the strong in which there is no rightful universal authority except that which each state decides. the realist perspective may have advantages over the other two perspectives in explaining situations of serious threat. When directly confronted by a serious threat (someone pulls a gun on you), one’s immediate response is usually to duck or fight back, not to try to ascertain and mollify the beliefs of the threatening party or to refer the dispute to a court. LIBERAL
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POL 3 PERSPECTIVES - REALIST The realist perspective...

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