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lecture 3&4 - 1/13/10: (Lecture 3) Reading II A. B....

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1/13/10: (Lecture 3) Reading II A. B. Michelle OH: 677 Kerr Hall 1-3pm Classical Liberalism: [review] Equality of Opportunity as a Race: o The framers- virtue, reason, knowledge, and truth Thought people would seek out these things with their talent, merit, and ability Those who hold power are those who have demonstrational great achievements through their talent, ability, and merit Ex. of why you had to own property to vote People look for the American Dream Debate Over Equality of Opportunity as a Race o Problem with starting line in that it doesn’t have an equal start Ex. Education, people are placed on different tracks (or different caliber schools) Young’s “Introduction to the Role Liberalism in American Politics” Same argument being made as classical liberalism, but different language Three currents in American Liberalism [like three parts to classical liberalism] 1. Lockean Self Interested Individuals connect to individual rights and limited government 2. The Economic Liberal connect to equality of opportunity
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3. The Reform Liberal connect to of the starting line (existing inequalities) Important reading for solidifying the ideas behind classical liberalism The “Race for the Bugatti” is exceptionally seductive Idea is very appealing, just like equality The Debt to Aristotle: Additional insight into the Logic of the Constitutional Design In book “The Politics”- goes through a history of different regimes
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lecture 3&4 - 1/13/10: (Lecture 3) Reading II A. B....

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