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Lecture 17 - Lecture 17 The Small Group/Strategic Model...

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Lecture 17 The Small Group/Strategic Model Area 1: Abortion We account for variations in SC behavior by looking at the court much like a congressional committee (small group constraints and bargaining, which are key for SC decisions) Roe v. Wade (1973) No precedent, dealt with the regulation of abortion services Blackman’s majority opinion- states’ interest are minimal during the first part of a woman’s pregnancy. It becomes an important state interests during viability (time after 6 months) After review they adopted the trimester system First- states could not regulate, interest is minimal Second- states could regulate Third- could regulate Policy given down through a strategic group collaboration Area 2: Gender Equality Under the Equal Protection Clause of the 14 th Amendment The analytical Framework Equal Protection: All laws “classify” something or someone The 14 th Amendment Equal Protection Anaysis: The Language and Logic Example of the first tier: Classifications (all laws) test (rational relations) state’s burden (easy- not irrational) Ends- qualified students (must be legitimate goal) Means- Classification or discriminatory distinction (GPA + SAT) “fit”= how well does the mean serve the goal? Doesn’t always fit perfectly Tier 2: Intermediate Scrutiny Tier 3: Strict Scrutiny
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Reed v. Reed (1971) Idaho probate code prefer males to females Struck down as arbitrary because scrutiny wasn’t developed yet Example of a state supporting a sexual stereotype
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Lecture 17 - Lecture 17 The Small Group/Strategic Model...

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