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Lectures 5 &6 - The North Milliken(1974 The 1990’s...

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Lecture 5  10.11.2010 Desegregation: Supreme Court Decisions, 1954-1971 Brown v. Board of Education  (1954) I Brown v. Board of Education  (1955) II Cooper v. Aaron  (1958) The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s: Searing the Conscience. “Eyes on the Prize” Lecture 6  10.13.2010 Brown, the Supreme Court and Social Change: A Big Debate The Impact of Brown on Racial Equality: Competing Views of Courts Generally The Constrained Court Litigation is piecemeal (focused on rights) Court merely reflects the majority (Dahl) Court lacks enforcement powers The Dynamic Court Not elected and can act with opposition Litigants are often the “outs” and not status quo Courts reasoning and symbolism indirectly provokes change in consensus (e.g.,  two step theory of opinion) Desegregation What constitutes a violation and the use of race as a remedy for the wrong? The South: Swann (1971)
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Unformatted text preview: The North: Milliken (1974) The 1990’s: Freeman (1992) Important Implication for Affirmative Action State Action: “As clear as the most distant parts of the Milky Way” –Justice Hugo Black It’s Alive: Moose Lodge v. Irvis (1972) A Pre-Moose Landmark: Burton v. Wilmington Parking Authority (1961) Privately leased government owned office space A little biology=state action What can we say with some confidence? Private discrimination constitutes “state action” when: Entanglement (e.g., lease space [symbiotic]; enforce restrictive covenants) Serving a public function (i.e., political parties and all white primaries) The lack of clarity (“conceptual nightmare”) is due to: Most private activities touch on government or vice versa in some way Incentive on the Supreme Court to clarify is very low due to CRA of 1964...
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Lectures 5 &6 - The North Milliken(1974 The 1990’s...

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