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POL104 Final - Final Exam Review Sheet Potential...

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Final Exam Review Sheet Potential Identification Terms (what is it and why is it important for California politics): Hiram Johnson Wedge Issue The Convention System Linda Sanchez Strike Force versus Foot Soldiers Independent Expenditure Campaigns Eddie Sotelo Howard Jarvis Communities of Interest 1977 Determinate Sentencing Act Chinese Exclusion Act Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act Lakewood Plan Legislation by Anecdote Antonio Villaraigosa Rodney King Sales Tax Canyon California Special Election of 2005 Proposition 209 (1996) Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission Proposition 218 (1996) Sleeping Giants Jerry Sanders La Montaña Citizens Redistricting Commission Tom Bradley Proposition 184 (1994) ERAF Blanket Primary Serrano v. Priest “Breaking Point” The Initiative Industry Measure U (1986) CVAP Gerry’s Salamander Baker v. Carr Catch-22 of Willie Brown Potential Short Answer Questions: What does the Tiebout hypothesis say about public service provision in a region with many local governments and mobile residents? If Tiebout were alive today, how might he alter his conclusions in light of the Lakewood Plan, the California Supreme Court’s decision in Serrano v. Priest and/or or the implementation of Proposition 13? Several observers of California politics blame the state’s system of primary elections for
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POL104 Final - Final Exam Review Sheet Potential...

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