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POL104 Midterm - Midterm Review Sheet Abraham Ruef:...

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Midterm Review Sheet Abraham Ruef : “debonair scoundrel”. Started as republican reformer. 1901 founded the Union Labor party after failed waterfront/teamsters strike. Was an unpaid attorney that helped elect Mayor Eugene Schmitz. Held meeting with city officials who sought favors. He was paid for actions, not services. Ruef pocketed half of money and distributed the rest to the board of supervisors. Convicted of bribery and served 5 years at San Quentin. Ruef was a pivotal figure in politics that lead directly to the implementation of direct democracy. -Basically he inspired direct democracy reforms because of his legendary corruption. Unofficial boss of Sf, controlled the mayor and the board of supervisors. Hiram Johnson : Elected Governor in 1910 as a liberal republican after the prosecution of Abraham Ruef. Pledged to end southern pacific railroad’s control of state government. Brought initiative, referendum, and recall into CA. politics. (Origin of direct democracy). attorney who took over Ruef’s case and pledged to clean Southern Pacific Railroad's control of state government Petition Referendum : delays and puts up for vote a law passed by the legislature and signed by the governor. In elections, it should be filed if an individual intends to have a law enacted by the General Court repealed by voters. A referendum petition can only be used to repeal an entire law; it can't be used to repeal a section of a law. First Two Laws of Initiative Qualification: First Law of Initiative Qualification: Without $1-2 million, you cannot get anything on the ballot, no matter how popular. Second Law of Initiative Qualification: If you have $1-2 million, you can get absolutely anything on the ballot, no matter how wacky. This shows some of the restrictions on California politics. As important as a measure may be, if no one spends the money, it will not get done. Two Constituencies Problem: 1.1 - The Legislature is apportioned to represent residents . 1.2 - Only 16.2% had household incomes of $40-75,000, and 32.4% were Latino in 2000. 1.3 - The electorate for an initiative is voters . 1.4 - 36% middle class, 13% Latino in 2000. 1.5 The Legislature represents the constituency of the state’s residents, because legislative districts are drawn to contain equal number of residents. These constituencies differ because not all residents become voters and they differ systematically because voter turnout and eligibility is linked to race and class. Overall, the median member of legislature in California represents a consistency that is poorer, more liberal and ethnically diverse then the voter in a governor’s race. (Example given in book shows the counties of Los Angeles and Sierra Madre, the latter having twice the number of voters due to its constituency.) 1.6 1.7 Independent Expenditure Campaigns: 1
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An independent group or individual that advocates the election or defeat of a clearly identified candidate without connection to or request from a candidate. Independent Expenditure Campaigns have no limit on campaign distributions, representing the
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POL104 Midterm - Midterm Review Sheet Abraham Ruef:...

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