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StudentTargetCostWorksheet - required return to computer...

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Name Timberland Timberland Timberland CPU Compan CPU Compan CPU Compan Total Total Total Cost Element Target Cost Current Cost Difference Target Cost Current Cost Difference Target Cost Current Cost Difference Manufacturing 72 72 Ordering 4 4 Gen and Admin 14 14 Installation 25 25 Totals 90 25 ** 115 Process Timberland Timberland Timberland Proportion of Current Cost Target Cost Difference Total cost % A 9.5 B 8.5 C 8 D 46 Totals 72 Target Cost Selling price - (required return to computer company)-(required return to Timberland)
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Unformatted text preview: required return to computer company is 10% of its cost from Timberland required return to Timberland is 15% of its highest net selling price **must equal target cost Target Cost to Current Cost Ratio Must be Calculated and used to compute target cost...
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