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Document 1 of 1 Google bidding to go plus-one better than Facebook Waters, Richard. Financial Times [London (UK)] 14 Apr 2011: 15. _______________________________________________________________ Find a copy Check for full text via FindIt! _______________________________________________________________ Abstract When Larry Page marked his elevation to chief executive this month with the blunt message to Googlers that a large part of their bonuses will be tied to the company's success in social, it only added to a sense that urgency is turning to panic. [. ..] Google's main problem has been that it just hasn't found anything very compelling to do with this information. _______________________________________________________________ Full Text Five years ago, Yahoo! had a plan for beating Googleat its own game. It would encourage members of its huge online audience to vote for web pages they liked by "tagging" them. Out of this outpouring would come a more personal and social web, one that was filtered by Yahoo's users rather than Google's algorithms. Fast forward to the present, and there's a distinctly similar echo in what Googlehas come up with in its own latest attempt to counter a certain fast-growing social networking site. Facebook's "Like" buttons may have sprouted across the web over the past year, but if Googlehas its way we will all soon be "plus-one-ing" - the inelegant new phrase that describes its move into social, whereby we can click on the "+1" buttons due to appear on its
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proquestcitations (7) - Report Information from ProQuest...

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