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Document 1 of 1 Preview: Google+ Mobile Anonymous. Informationweek - Online (Jul 18, 2011). _______________________________________________________________ Find a copy Check for full text via FindIt! _______________________________________________________________ Full Text Note: The Google+ MobileApp for Android is surprisingly mature at this stage of the game. BYTE -- It's bad form to roll out a new service without some kind of mobileapp available. As expected, Googlerolled out a mobileapp with its beta of the Google+ social network -- an app for the Android platform. BYTE took a long look. Googlewas wise to launch this app along with its limited-use service. The service will need debugging from every direction before a mass rollout. I tried out the Android application on two different phones--a stock LG Optimus T running Android 2.2 and a rooted Motorola Cliq XT running CyanogenMod 7.0.3 (Android 2.3.3). Excepting an issue with photos I'll discuss below, the app ran smoothly on both phones. Here's the main menu for the Google+ app for Android. It's clean and simple. On launch, the app presents your choice of Stream, Huddle, Photos, Circles or User Profile -- each selectable via a large icon. The Stream view is a miniaturized version of the full website. Here you find tools at top for adding a post, taking a picture or choosing a nearby location. Your stream sits below. Swipe to the right and you get any nearby public activity. Swipe to the left and you see the incoming feed. It works intuitively. Here's a stream view with posts and comments. The stream updates itself automatically and
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This note was uploaded on 12/01/2011 for the course MKT 5017 taught by Professor Weinstein during the Fall '11 term at Nova Southeastern University.

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proquestcitations (14) - _ _ Report Information from...

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