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Document 1 of 1 12 lesser-known tricks and hidden features of Google+ [Internet] Bhagat, Hitesh Raj; Bajaj, Karan. The Economic Times (Online) [New Delhi] 28 July 2011. _______________________________________________________________ Find a copy Check for full text via FindIt! _______________________________________________________________ Abstract After verification, you will start receiving free notifications on your phone by sms. 4 By default, video chat in Google+ uses standard definition video, but if your webcam supports it, you can enable HD video support. [. ..] sign in to chat, hover the mouse cursor over the chat section on the Google+ page, click on the small triangle that appears and then click on settings. _______________________________________________________________ Full Text You may have started using Google+, but did you know that you could edit photos in it? Integrate it with other social networks? Or video Chat in HD? Like with any new service, there are a lot of hidden features and lesser-known tricks in Google+, just waiting to be explored. ET offers 12 killer tips just as Google+ goes out of beta. 1) If you have commented on a post, but do not want notifications of the follow-up comments coming to your inbox, there is a simple way out. Go to the original post and on the right side you will see a drop down arrow. Click on the arrow and select 'mute conversation'. You can choose to shut off all notifications from Google+ settings as well. 2) If you do not want others to see the people in your Circles, go to your profile page and
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proquestcitations (15) - Report Information from ProQuest...

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