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ECE 440 Homework V Fall 2005 Due: Friday, September 23, 2005 1. A Ge bar 1μm long and 100 μm 2 in cross-sectional area is doped with 1x10 17 /cm 3 gallium. Find the current at 300 K with 10 V applied assuming that the saturation thermal velocity of electrons in Ge is about 10 7 cm/s. 2. How long does it take an average electron to drift 0.1 mm in (a) pure Si and (b) Si doped with 6x10 16 /cm 3 donors at an electric field of 100 V/cm? Repeat for 10 5 V/cm. Assume that the electron effective mass m n *=0.26 m o . 3. Reconstruct Fig. 3-18. On the graph, plot the carrier concentration as a function of
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