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hw6 - ECE 440 Homework VI Fall 2005 Due Monday 17 3 1(a...

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ECE 440 Homework VI Fall 2005 Due: Monday, September 26, 2005 1. (a) Construct a semilogarithmic plot such as Fig. 4-7 for GaAs doped with 1x10 17 /cm 3 acceptors and having 2x10 15 EHP/cm 3 created uniformly at t = 0. Assume that τ n = τ p =50 ns. (b) Calculate the recombination coefficient α r for part (a). Assume that this value of α r applies when the GaAs sample is uniformly exposed to a steady state optical generation rate g op = 10 21 EHP/cm 3 -s. Find the steady state excess carrier concentration n = p. 2. (a) A Ge bar 0.1 cm long and 100 μm 2 in cross-sectional area is doped with 1x10
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