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ECE 440 Homework XIV Spring 2006 Due: Friday, April 14, 2006 1. Redraw Figure 6-12 of band diagrams for the ideal MOS structure in an n-type silicon at (a) thermal equilibrium (b) electron accumulation (c) electron depletion and (d) strong inversion. Also, in the drawing show a simple circuit illustrating how the biasing is applied in each case. 2. For an ideal MOS structure, the SiO 2 thickness is 300 Å, and the substrate is doped with
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Unformatted text preview: 2x10 16 /cm 3 acceptors. Determine the threshold voltage, V T , required to achieve strong inversion and find the electric field in the oxide when the applied bias V=V T . Repeat for a different MOS where the SiO 2 thickness is 40 Å but the substrate doping is the same. 3. Repeat problem 2 to determine the gate bias required to achieve that E F = E i at the oxide/semiconductor interface....
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