hw17 - a = 2x10 17 /cm 3 . A load resistor of 10 ohms is...

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ECE 440 Homework XVII Spring 2006 Due: Friday, April 28, 2006 1. An n-channel enhancement MOSFET with V T =2 V and (ZC i μ n /L)=0.5 mA/V 2 is to be operated in the saturation region with I D =10 mA. What is the lowest permissible V DS and what is the gate bias? 2. Refer to the n-channel MOSFET in problem 1 of HWXVI whose N
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Unformatted text preview: a = 2x10 17 /cm 3 . A load resistor of 10 ohms is added between the drain contact and the battery, V D = 5 V. Determine the drain current for V G =5 V. Is the device operating in the linear region or saturation region?...
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