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Quiz 02/17/2011 Name 1. [5 pts] Let X be a random variable on a discrete probability space Ω with pmf f : Ω [0 , 1]. The expected value of X , denoted E ( X ), is deFned as follows: E ( X ) := . 2. [10 pts] Suppose the Fves and the sixes on two dice are painted over, so no dots show if a Fve or a six comes up. The painted dice are rolled. Let X be the total of the faces showing. ±ind
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Unformatted text preview: E ( X ). 3. [10 pts] Two regular dice are rolled. Let A be the event that one comes up on an even number. Let B be the event that neither a two nor a three is showing on either die. Let C be the event that the numbers showing are dierent. a) Are A and B independent? Why or why not? b) Are A and C independent? Why or why not?...
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