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Good Class Bad Class ▪ Interaction with peers (2) ▪ Lecture notes from blackboard done in class ▪ Challenging thoughts ▪ Usage of busy work or pointless assignments (4) ▪ Enthusiastic Professor (3) ▪ Only using book’s PowerPoint to teach (2) ▪ Material is covered using a hands on approach (2) ▪ Always a lecture (4) ▪ Discussion and communication ▪ Uncommunicative professor and/or students (3) ▪ Creative freedom for assignments ▪ Repetitive teaching style or assignments ▪ Dynamics ▪ Uncaring or “Lazy” teacher ▪ Effective teacher ▪ Too easy or too hard (2) ▪ Correct level of difficulty ▪ Just listening to the teacher then going home and reading the book ▪ Learning something interesting and worthwhile (4) ▪ No order or stability ▪ Respect of people and things ▪ No safety or security ▪ Proper manners ▪ Boring (2) ▪ Encouraging teacher ▪ Tests from the book ▪ Equal but authority ▪ Pop quizzes ▪ Utilizes communication, collaboration and
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