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Unformatted text preview: Changing the Way We Work Work Practices of Effective Teams Why Teams? Why Importance of Teams Importance Operating Assumptions Work quality improves with multiple insights Individuals are more committed who have a Individuals voice voice Impressive Results Impressive Texas Instruments (70% increase in Texas productivity) productivity) Kodak (100% increase in customer Kodak assistance productivity) assistance K-Shoes (reduced production time K-Shoes from 12 to 1 day per pair of shoes) from Downsides of Teams Downsides More expensive (time and dollars) Potentially ineffective Examining Processes Examining Team processes must be examined, discussed, and taught explicitly (Rhodes 1981) Developing Effective Teams Developing “Brilliant individuals can flounder in team.” I Sing the Body Electric (Moody 1995) Seven Practices of Effective Teams Seven Sharing Vision Establishing climate Enlarging pool of meaning Holding effective meetings Working efficiently Requiring accountability Improving continuously 1. Sharing a Common Vision 1. Creating a mission statement Establishing ground rules 2. Establishing the Right Climate 2. Making it “safe to say” Right-hand vs. left hand columns 3. Enlarging the Pool of Available Meaning Available 4. Adhering to Good Meeting Management Management Agendas Agenda items timed Designated facilitator Detailed minutes Follow up 5. Working Efficiently 5. Makes timely decisions Have clearly defined roles 6. Requiring Accountability 6. Empowerment Individual commitment Trust 7. Improving Continuously 7. Self-correcting Seek help as needed Final Thoughts Final Make sure a team is needed. Invest needed time up front. Realize some work is best done individually. Give teams real work. ...
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