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118 Marquis on abortion

118 Marquis on abortion - Marquis An Argument That abortion...

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Marquis: An Argument That abortion is Wrong Thesis : Most abortions are wrong. Like most, M. allows for exceptions Before 14 days. When PW life is threatened. Fetus is anencephalic. Possibly also: PG health is threatened, pregnancy a result of rape. Preliminary claim The abortion debate so far has resulted in a standoff. Thomson’s argument M recognizes that Thomson argues that even if the fetus has a right to life, the PW does not always have an obligation to ‘remain attached to the fetus.” Concedes that this shows abortion is permissible in case of rape. But M miscontrues the reason. It is not a clash of competing rights: this would lead to a standoff. It is that without permission to use the PW’s body, abortion is not a violation of the right to life. And if it is not a violation in the rape case, it may not be in others too. Fetus’s rights Marquis claims that neither side has a decisive argument for or against a fetal right to life.
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