118 Velleman on Euthanasia

118 Velleman on Euthanasia - Velleman, Against the Right to...

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Velleman, Against the Right to Die Argues: Against a law or policy giving people a right to die under specifiable circumstances. For the view that euthanasia would some times benefit people. They should be allowed to request it and even that a caregiver might have an obligation to honor the request. Do you think that V. is consistent in holding both views? Velleman says that his arguments are provisional and he is not arguing for an all things considered view on the euthanasia. I -II. Digression on dignity and autonomy Two notions of dignity : 1. a status that belongs to us in virtue of being rational agents. 2. a condition lost through bodily deterioration. V. claims 1& 2 have nothing to do with each other but is he really right about this? What about diseases that affect one rational powers such as alzheimer’s. Two notions of autonomy : 1. Capacity for self-determination; 2. maximizing effective options. But does one respect someone’s capacity to determine their fate when one eliminates options available for choice? Euthanasia can be justified (on Kantian grounds) when one actually loses one’s capacity
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118 Velleman on Euthanasia - Velleman, Against the Right to...

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