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118 Frey v-viii - Better way to see it is as blocking the...

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Frey, Moral Standing… Sections V-VIII A counter-Argument to Frey: The Argument from Marginal Cases 1. All human life is of equal value. 2. (Higher) animals have no discernably different capacities than some humans. 3. If capacities are the same, the value of the life is the same. 4. Human and (higher) animal life is of equal value. Frey rejects premise 1. Frey proposed test: take some possible human condition and ask: would you try to avoid a life in that condition. If so, it is a life of lesser value. (But should we use that test?) Is Frey a speciesist? Direct Speciesism: discriminate in treatment simply on the basis of species membership. In this sense, Frey isn’t a speciesist. Indirect Speciesism: Use human-centered criteria to determine the value of lives. Alternative view: select criteria of quality of life appropriate to animal species. Frey takes this alternative to be arguing for the equality of value between human and animal life.
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Unformatted text preview: Better way to see it is as blocking the inequality thesis by claiming that animal lives and human lives cannot be compared in value. Should we accept such a claim? Beyond Frey Is the unequal value thesis is useful in thinking about ethical issues regarding humans and animals? If the operative principle for making ethical decisions is simply act utilitarianism, then maybe its indirectly useful: it can help explain how we can create more well-being by sacrificing animals to benefit humans: the decrease in well-being for animals is sometimes made up by the greater increase in well being for humans. P3: Do the action that causes the greatest increase in the value of lives. Equivalent to AC. P3=P2. Since many would not accept a purely utilitarian perspective, what would be an alternative approach. Act Utilitarianism for Animal-human Ethics/Deontology for human-human ethics? Rule U? Deontology across the board?...
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