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411 references - References Agosti V Nunes E Ocepeck K(1996...

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References Agosti, V., Nunes, E., & Ocepeck, K. (1996). Patient factors related to early attrition from and outpatient cocaine research clinic. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse , 22(1), 29-39. Ahmann, S. L. (2008). Through the lens of the adolescent: a survey of at-risk behaviors. Retrieved by ProQuest Information and Learning Company. (UMI no. 3300301). Amaro, H. (1995). Love, Sex and power: Considering women’s realities in HIV prevention. American Psychologist , 50, 437-447. Aronowitz, T. (2005). The role of "envisioning the future" in the development of resilience among at-risk youth. Public Health Nursing, 22 (3), 200-208. Bowen, G. & Chapman, M. (1996). Poverty, neighborhood danger, social support and the individual adaptation among at-risk youth in urban areas, Journal of Family Issues , 17(5), 641-66. Carwell, S., Hanlon, T., O'Grady, K., and Watts, K. (2009). A preventative intervention program for urban african american youth attending an alternative education program: background, implementation, and feasibility. Education and Treatment of Children, 32(3), 445-469.
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  • substance abuse treatment, at-risk youth, American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Howell Information Company.

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